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Ross Dineen

Ross Dineen

Dr Ross Dineen joined our clinic in 1994.  He is a past director, an experienced Audiologist, with specialist interests in aural rehabilitation, tinnitus evaluation and therapy and hearing conservation. 

Ross has a commitment to developing community awareness and understanding of the many issues involved in hearing rehabilitation. He has worked as an audiologist with the National Acoustic Laboratories, the East Preston Community Health Centre, the Victorian Deaf Society HEAR (Hearing Education and Aural Rehabilitation) Service, and as a clinical supervisor and lecturer at La Trobe University.

As a student in the 1970’s Ross worked in the building industry to pay his way through university.  As a consequence of this experience, he has worked with the construction unions in Melbourne on a series of research studies.  This involved examining worker decision-making in relation to estimation of noise and associated hazards, with the aim of developing effective intervention/education programs for workers in industry. 

In the 1980’s Ross was the editor of “Hearing and Deafness Review” a journal of the Deafness Foundation of Victoria; edited two books on the applied use of hearing assistive devices; and was instrumental in the development of Tinnitus Education Workshops run by the HEAR Service.  He is has been closely involved with the Tinnitus Association of Victoria.

In 1999 Ross completed his PhD studies investigating the “Factors influencing adjustment to tinnitus” and has a range of publications reporting on this research in both national and international journals.  He has regularly given lectures to audiology students and practicing audiologists on the clinical assessment and management of complex tinnitus clients.


Audiologists Australia Accrediated Audiologist


Bachelor of Behavioural Science, 1974, La Trobe University, Melbourne

PhD. Applied Science, 1999, La Trobe University, Melbourne.


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