Our philosophy is to provide audiological services in an independent private practice setting, with strict consideration of the ethics involved. Our ethical policy is as follows:

We will not recommend an audiological service, including hearing aid fitting, unless it is clearly indicated.
We will not accept any incentives, such as gifts or travel, from any hearing aid company. When we recommend a certain brand, you can be assured that this is because we have researched the benefits with a group of our more experienced hearing aid users, not because of any sense of obligation to or discounting from a particular company.
Once we have assessed your hearing, we will give you a clear indication of the level of benefit you can realistically expect from your hearing aid(s).
We are committed to supporting you as you adapt to your hearing aid(s), by providing as many appointments as you may need, at no additional charge, for 12 months after hearing aid fitting. This continues until you have adapted to your hearing aid(s) and we are satisfied that you are receiving the best possible level of speech intelligibility.
We want to make hearing aids as accessible as possible, by keeping our prices fair, and usually below the industry average. We offer hearing aids covering a range of technical sophistication and cost.

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